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Returning Alumni -- Please read!

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Wed 05 Dec 2007, 04:17 am Print View
Cool Nerd King
Joined: Tue 10 Apr 2007, 11:04 pm
Location: Charlotte, NC
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If you were a member of Evenstar but now can only see these few public forums instead of the full range of forums, it's because your Evenstar forum account has been marked with "Alumnus" status. This happened because you do not currently have any LOTRO characters in our kinship. Maybe you removed your characters or maybe they were removed because you had not used them for a few months. Or it's possible we simply have a mistake in our records. Either way, if you are ready to return to Evenstar and join us for some more fun in Middle-earth, just send me or another officer a Private Message or, if you prefer, you can reach us via e-mail to *EMAIL* and we'll get you set back up.

[ Edited Thu 26 Jun 2008, 01:31 pm ]
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