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Evenstar's Fellowship Looting Policy

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Tue 24 Apr 2007, 08:20 pm Print View
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[Last revised 4/25/08]

Evenstar has adopted the NBG (need before greed) looting practice. This list of rules pertains only to fellowships within the kinship. If you are in a PUG (pick up group) the rules of that particular fellowship will apply. Leadership expects these rules to be followed to avoid disputes. If a dispute does occur that cannot be resolved within the fellowship, bring it to the attention of an officer.

It is understood that everyone may have their own looting style and opinions on how looting should be handled. These rules are written up for the betterment of Evenstar. Please don't be greedy. Evenstar is about helping each other to make a stronger kinship.

Thank you.

1. Only roll Need on an item the character you're currently playing can use, unless agreed on beforehand.

2. If you accidentally roll on something you don't need and win, please pass it to the next highest roller. Check your chat logs.

3. Everyone state your craft at the beginning of a group so there is no confusion. Crafting items and recipes can then be rolled on from people of that craft. If you maintain multiple crafters, please only roll on the items the character you are currently playing can use. If multiple recipes drop, the first goes to the appropriate crafter(s). Subsequent recipes of the same drop can be rolled on by anyone.

4. Understand that mistakes will happen. Sometimes in the heat of battle and loot spam someone will click roll by mistake. Kindly send a tell. Group chat spam is hard to see. A tell sends a nice colored message and plays a sound.

5. Avoid looting in combat when at all possible, Unless something is going to rot or group is going to die, keep in mind you have a few minutes to loot corpses.

6. Never dispute loot in middle of combat. The safety of the members of your fellowship takes priority over loot.

7. If there is a dispute over loot, do not equip bindable items until the dispute is resolved. "Oops I already bound it" is not an excuse.

8. Remember that there is a random rolling option available, should it be necessary. Type /roll to randomly generate a roll from 1-100.

Please be aware that nothing is carved in stone. If we find some aspects of this policy do not work, they can be reviewed by leadership. Agreements can of course be made within a fellowship that differ from the above rules, these are simply here as a default guideline to go by unless exceptions have been previously agreed on.

[ Edited Fri 25 Apr 2008, 08:31 am ]
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