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Raid Rules

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Cool Nerd King
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Evenstar has a Raid Planner for use in scheduling and signing up for raids and other more involved contents like certain instances and epic book runs. After discussion and voting by the membership, Evenstar has adopted the following rules for these events.

General Rules
1) If you are not at the designated meeting spot or ready for a summons by 15 minutes after the meeting time, you forfeit your guaranteed slot for the current session. (This doesn't mean you don't get to go, it just means that someone else may get your spot).

2) If you win a roll on a premium reward (Rift boss gems, etc.), then you may not roll for future premium rewards during that instance even though the instance may take more than one session to complete. This is to maximize the chances that all participants will benefit from the run.

3) If a raid is broken into two parts and the sign-up form for the second part is not created prior to the start of the first part, then those participating in the first part of the run will be considered to be "confirmed sign-ups" for the second part when applying the Order of Priority below.

4) If a situation occurs that these rules don't address, then the Raid Leader makes the call. The Raid Leader is the person who scheduled the raid in the forums. If that person is a no-show, then online officers will make the call and settle any disputes.

Order of Priority
For raids that are completed in one session and for the first part of two part raids:
1) Confirmed sign-ups
2) Unsure sign-ups
3) Other Evenstar members
4) Members from allied kinships
5) Anyone else that wants to participate

For the second part of two part raids:
1) Participants in the 1st part
2) Confirmed sign-ups for 2nd part
3) Unsure sign-ups for 2nd part
4) Other Evenstar members
5) Members from allied kinships
6) Anyone else that wants to participate
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