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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

Every member of Evenstar wanders the land wearing the name of their kinship. As such, our kinship will be judged by the actions of every individual. We expect all members to act in a manner that brings pride to the kinship. Some guidelines for expected conduct are:

  • Members will act in a mature and responsible manner.

  • Members will respect how others wish to play the game and not force their playstyle on them.

  • Members will always be polite, unless an RP situation demands it.

  • Always bear in mind how the person on the other side views your RP.

  • Members are urged to be helpful and make themselves available to help fellow kinship members and the world at large.

Remember, you wear our reputation with you in everything we do, our kinship will succeed or fail based on the actions of each of you.

Kinship Chat

Please do not yell in kinchat. Anything beyond the occasional WOO! is too much. Keep those Cap keys under control please.

Great effort has been to made to bring together a mature group of players. It is expected that kinchat remains mature as well. Berating, ridiculing, or neglecting to treat each other with respect will not be tolerated. Please keep trashy talk to a minimun and no leet speak..it kills kittens.

The 'three strikes you're out' process applies here and your kinship leader is very good at keeping records.

Regarding swearing: keep it to a reasonable minimum, the F bomb is not considered reasonable, so please refrain from using it.

Thank you.

[ Edited Wed 08 Aug 2007, 11:33 pm ]
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