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Farewell Taya

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Mon 04 Jun 2012, 01:03 pm Print View
Joined: Mon 05 Sep 2011, 02:41 pm
Location: Kansas
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I have been away from Vilya for a while. Just stopping in now and them to check on my characters. I was shocked when I saw the Kinship message about the memorial for Taya. And was disappointed that I was not aware of the message until after the fact.
I just want to say here that I was certainly touched by Taya's presence in Evenstar. All you had to do was ask in a Kin-chat, and she was one of the first to be there to help anyone.
I remember one Saturday, she took me to Angmar and we did the quest line that earned me the Armour of the Fen.
She will truly be missed.
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