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About Evenstar

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About Us

Evenstar is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship. We reside on the Vilya server and were founded on April 5, 2007, the day Vilya came online. We are a mature, casual gaming guild currently with about 100 members. Most of them are 30+ years old with busy lives and families. We plan to try and enjoy all aspects of Lord of the Rings Online but on a casual basis.

Although we know that there are many mature, wonderful people under 30 who play, we have decided to adopt a certain recruiting policy that requires that our members to be over 30 years old (and, hopefully, mature). We are dedicated to sticking to that vision the best we can. Thank you for your understanding.

For additional information about Evenstar, be sure to check out our entry in Turbine's official LotRO Lorebook at http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Kinship:_Evenstar.


If a member goes beyond 60 days inactive (based on the last online date of their characters) they will be removed from the kinship. If you have been removed for inactivity, you may rejoin the kinship by simply contacting an officer via in-game message or an e-mail to *EMAIL* .

If you are going to be gone for more than 14 days, it isn't a requirement, but please let the kinship leader or an officer know so they don't worry. Feel free to post a message on the kinship forum if you wish.

Evenstar gladly offer a member's alts a place to call home. Please keep in mind that they must log into the game at least once every 60 days to retain their membership status.

Evenstar's chosen looting method is NBG (need before greed). For a more detailed explanation, please visit this link: *LINK*

Character Name:
Evenstar will only accept characters with names that are not slanderous or offensive to other members.

Good – Evenstar believes actions speak louder than words.

Actions define intent, this means that it does not matter where you are from, what city, or what class you play. How you treat others (respect vs. contempt) and how you want the world to evolve (order vs. chaos) would determine their eligibility into the kinship.

Evenstar will impose no fees on its members.

Kinship Leader
Recruit (members who have been in the kinship for fewer than 30 days)

Your leaders:
Your kinship leader and officers operate under an 'open door' policy. Please feel free to contact any of them with any issue or concern you may have. Rest assured that your matter will be addressed promptly and with the sincerity it deserves. A private counsel with any of your leaders will be made promptly upon request.

Roleplay policy:
As a casual guild, Evenstar does not require roleplaying. However, members are welcome to exercise their creativity and engage in roleplaying if they so desire.

Evenstar is comprised of a group of free thinking folks banded together to explore Middle Earth. Together our focus is to aid one another not only in battle but in every aspect of life in Middle Earth. Our goals include the exploration of lands near and far and growing as a family. Our credo is born of freedom. Freedom to roam, freedom to die with honor, freedom to protect our own. Our family and our community rise above all other considerations and to that end will always be willing to lend a hand.

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